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Energy optimization

We focus on energy optimization with our customers!

We offer :

Savings of up to 42% have been achieved

ALSMATIK A / S equates energy with other raw materials

We help busy businesses put energy on the agenda. We are active in relation to energy optimization so that companies can concentrate on their daily activities.

We have the knowledge and experience to solve simple and complicated energy optimization tasks. A great energy-saving is available if you know where to look.

Our experience is that measurements on each machine give the correct picture of the energy consumption. Energy data collected via measurements supports the assessment of where the optimal energy optimization can be started. Subsequently, energy measurements can continuously detect any overconsumption. Our customers have recognized "Whoever does not measure sees nothing"

The energy sins are often cheap and older products as well as controls developed years ago. Our competence for energy optimization lies in servo, frequency converter, CNC, conventional hydraulics, compressed air, vacuum, break control, PC and PLC programs as well as data collection of energy data at product level, among other things for the creation of a CO2 foot print.

Our motto is: We can, what others can't ...

If you are unsure whether we can help optimize your production and thus increase your earnings, give us a try.

We are ready to demonstrate that we live up to our motto!