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ALSMATIK A / S has the ability to think unconventionally. Time and again, our customers have benefited when we, as a total supplier, have designed automatic systems where the effect can be measured directly on the bottom line.

Industry types
To date, we have done projects for:

Project types
To date, we have done projects on:

Project progress
ALSMATIK A / S is involved in the entire project


Collection of all types of production data stored in a database. It is just one of the elements of our SRO solutions. If a task cannot be solved using standard components, P-CIM or WinCC, we develop new solutions based on Microsoft .NET (Visual Basic and C #). A secure solution is important at a time where quality requirements are higher and the ability to provide detailed product documentation is demanded.

PLC control
Normally we develop our systems using Siemens S7-200 / 300/400/1200/1500, but if the solution requires a different control we also have in-depth knowledge of eg. Allen Bradley, Honeywell / IPC, and Hitachi controls.

ALSMATIK A / S has solved several tasks, where the individual work processes are monitored via the Internet / Intranet. Servicing and troubleshooting of the work processes can also be done electronically using both Internet and SMS technology


Control cabinets
ALSMATIK A / S mainly builds control cabinets for its own projects. The design of control cabinets is always based on the components that the customers prefer. This ensures that customers do not need to have an unnecessarily large stock of the components required for regular maintenance. In order to ensure an efficient project flow, from the control cabinet manufacturing, the hardware engineer follows all relevant meetings and has direct contact with the cabinet engineer.

Construction of assembly stations where the location of the components is freely definable also belongs to our specialties. The solutions make it possible to individually adapt the functionality of the assembly station to the individual employee. Using the LED system, the installer is informed where and in what order the components are to be retrieved. The solution optimizes the output of the individual assembly station.

Electrical documentation
Everything is drawn in EPLAN Electric P8 according to applicable regulatory requirements: CE Machinery Directive: EN 60204-1 Low voltage cabinets: EN 60439-1