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Software and hardware solutions for automation

ALSMATIK A/S develops software and hardware solutions for complete automation systems, tailored to your specific wishes and needs. You have to have the best service and we leave nothing to chance.

Therefore, ALSMATIK A/S has gathered all the necessary expertise and made sure that the latest knowledge is used in all phases of the daily workflow so that you always meet with experienced experts at ALSMATIK A / S.

ALSMATIK A/S has since 1997 solved numerous tasks for Danish industry - tasks that from the start were considered impossible.

We have understood how to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience, and have an in-depth knowledge of all types of production. We see opportunities instead of limitations.


In 2018, ALSMATIK A/S acquired the rights to PLCSQL Link - a product that enables easy communication directly between PLC and SQL database, without the use of PC software!


In 2019, ALSMATIK A/S became the distributor of the Italian quality brand in screw technology for the industry. Finally an attractive alternative to Atlas Copco, Bosch Rexroth, etc.! See more at www.skrueteknik.dk